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The Hydrotherapy pool is maintained at a comfortable 33 - 34 degrees. 

Exercising in water improves your physical fitness and sense of wellbeing: the buoyancy supports your body weight and decreases stress on weight-bearing joints. The hydrostatic pressure exerted by water helps to improve your blood circulation and exercising against water resistance will also help to strengthen your muscles. 

Public Hours








7am-9am 9am-10am 9am-11am 8am-10am 7am-9am 8am-11am 8am-10am
5pm-7pm 1pm-3pm 1pm-3pm 5pm-7pm 1pm-2pm   12:00pm - 1:00pm 
  6pm-7pm     7pm-8pm    

Public hours are for anyone to come and take advantage of our pool to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. It is in this time where you (and your physiotherapist, if appropriate) can take advantage of this pool outside of class hours. 

There is no additional charge or booking required to use the pool within these hours - standard admission charges apply ($6.50 - adults; $4.50 - senior, disabled/rehabilitating and community service cardholders) and casual admission also gives you access to the other pools and sauna.

If you would like to be involved in hydrotherapy classes please look at our Group Fitness Timetable for all classes that have 'Hydro' in the class name. You should also check our Hydrotherapy Classes page to see which is the right class for you.

The casual admission price for all classes is $15.00.