Chill Out Before & After School Programme

  Chill Out 

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What Do We Do At Chill Out?

Morning Care - The Breakfast Club

Breakfast every morning – Toast/ Cereal/Sometimes a treat like pancakes!

Inside and outside games

Drop off to school via our vans

Afterschool care

Drop offs and pickups 

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How Much Does It Cost? 


Before School: 6.30am Drop off - $17  7am or later Drop off - $14

After School: Afternoon at the Lido - $19.  Enrol for 5 days for the whole term and this will include a FREE swimming lesson on us during your Chill Out booked days!


We ARE both WINZ and OSCAR approved so subsidies may be available for you, ring your local WINZ office to check!


What Hours Are We Open?

Operating Hours

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Our Schools

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For more information about our Before & After School Programmes please feel free to contact us by one of the following; Lido 06 3572684, Chill Out Ph or txt 0274677154 or email

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